7 Sneaky Desk Exercises You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ahmed Sheeraz

We’ve all been there, chained to our desks for hours on end, feeling the strain in our muscles and the stiffness creeping in. But what if I told you that there’s a fun and easy way to combat that desk-bound discomfort? Get ready to discover a whole new world of desk exercises that will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way!

Sneak Attack on Stiffness: Upper and Lower Body Stretches

Let’s loosen things up! Here’s where those forgotten stretches come in. 

  • Upper Body Stretches: The upper body stretches routine offers simple movements to relieve shoulder tension. Arm circles and shoulder rolls warm up shoulder joints, while a wall stretch provides a gentle chest and shoulder stretch. Neck stretches alleviate neck and upper back stiffness. These exercises promote flexibility and posture, making for a more comfortable workday.
  • Lower Body Stretches: The lower body stretches routine adds a layer of comfort and mobility to your day. Ankle circles and toe wiggles, performed while seated, target the ankles and feet, enhancing flexibility and strength. For an extra boost of relief and relaxation, consider incorporating cute little tools like a lacrosse ball or toe spacers into your routine. Using a lacrosse ball to roll out the soles of your feet can help release tension and alleviate discomfort, especially after a long day of sitting. Toe spacers can also be worn during stretches to promote proper toe alignment and enhance the benefits of your exercises. Nowadays, finding such tools has become more convenient. Upon checking the market, you’ll discover that the leading brand is Correct Toes. Toe spacers from Correct Toes are made from medical-grade silicone, which not only prioritizes comfort but also provides effective toe alignment.
  • Core Engagement Exercises: Seated twists and desk push-ups offer a convenient way to strengthen your core and combat fatigue during the workday. By engaging in these exercises, you’re not just sitting at your desk—you’re actively working on your six-pack. Seated twists target the obliques and lower back, promoting spinal mobility and stability. Desk push-ups, on the other hand, challenge your upper body strength while engaging your core to maintain stability. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine can help you stay energized and focused, even during the busiest of days.
  • Fun and Engaging Movements: Who says work has to be dull? Spice up your day with chair yoga poses and playful animal walks that not only break the monotony of sitting but also invigorate your body and mind. Chair yoga poses offer a gentle way to stretch and strengthen your muscles while promoting relaxation and stress relief. From seated cat-cow stretches to gentle spinal twists, these movements help improve posture and alleviate tension. 

Taking it Further: Movement Breaks Throughout the Day

While desk exercises are fantastic, they shouldn’t be your only line of defense against desk fatigue. Schedule short activity breaks throughout the day to get your blood pumping and your body moving.

  • Walking Laps Around the Office: Need a break from the screen? Why not take a stroll around the office? Not only will you get your blood pumping, but you’ll also give your feet a chance to breathe and move freely, especially if you opt for barefoot shoes.
  • Jumping Jacks or Jumping in Place: Feeling a bit sluggish? A quick session of jumping jacks or jumping in place is sure to wake you up and get those endorphins flowing. And with the right footwear, like barefoot shoes for kids, you’ll be giving your feet the support they need for all that high-intensity action.

Bonus Tip: Barefoot Bliss (When Possible!)

If your workplace permits, try going barefoot for short intervals during the day. This practice allows your toes to naturally splay and strengthens foot muscles. However, considering the potential messiness of office environments, if going barefoot isn’t feasible, consider investing in barefoot shoes. 

These shoes offer a barefoot-like experience while safeguarding your soles. There are numerous options available, not only for adults but also barefoot shoes for kids are readily available. If you have children, nephews, or nieces, it’s highly recommended to encourage them to engage in barefoot play for optimal foot development.


So ditch the desk coma and embrace these sneaky exercises! By incorporating a mix of desk stretches, core engagement exercises, and fun movements, you can beat the stiffness, boost your energy, and conquer your workday feeling refreshed and revitalized. Remember, even small movements throughout the day can make a big difference. So get moving, have fun, and show that desk who’s boss!

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