Honeymoon in Providenciales: How the Turks and Caicos 2-Bedroom Luxury Villa by White Villas Pleased Us


Caicos 2

The honeymoon is probably the unrepeatable and fantastic holiday for every person: my wife and I, after 5 wonderful days in New York and 1 day in Washington, headed for Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. I can’t tell you if the magic of the honeymoon is a predominant factor in the opinion I express on this place, however, I want to tell you something in the hope of being useful to the lucky ones who decide to make a trip to the Turks and Caicos.

As I was telling you after a stay in New York, incredible but which I won’t describe to you as it is off-topic, last year we took an American Airlines flight towards Providenciales (or Provo) Turks and Caicos Islands.

Caribbean feel

After about 3 and half hours we landed in the small airport of the island, where the sky seemed a little grey: it was warm but not excessively so. I will not dwell on the geographical history of these islands (you will find what you need on the internet). At the airport, we were greeted by a band that played Caribbean music at full volume!!! I would say the start was brilliant…

Once we went through the landing formalities and after a short wait for our luggage, we went outside where 2 local guys were waiting for us to take us to the Turks and Caicos 2-Bedroom Luxury Villa. They spoke English. For your info, the villa is managed by White Villas and is very popular with tourists. 

Went to the villa

The local guys took us to the villa in a great American-type SUV. Driving strictly on the left and when we got to the roundabout I felt sick…Just the thought of being on the wrong side! During the journey, it was immediately clear that there were no particular towns or centers to see: shops, banks, small hotels and clusters of houses flowed along the road without a precise logic. In about 15 minutes we arrived at the villa: they welcomed us with scented sponges and cool drinks and explained how the villa works. The Turks and Caicos 2-Bedroom Luxury Villa was a building with large open spaces, complemented by Caribbean-style details that I thought were very well integrated into the environment.

Not far from the beautiful beach

Our villa was not far from the beach: friendly, colorful, and fresh, with a refrigerator, TV, and large shower. We immediately put on our swimsuits and ran towards the sea. I was prepared for a beautiful beach (I had seen Bayahibe in Santo Domingo) but I didn’t expect anything transcendental…However, as we got closer, we quickly understood that it was something different!!!!!! The sand was very white…The sea was like a transparent table, beautiful, very warm…Which faded to blue, turquoise, and light blue. We were excited, our eyes were shining and the light was very strong: we needed sunglasses and high protection cream: in the water, we were very happy and we looked around, the emotions were strong.

What can I tell you…Those who want to relax, those who love the sea without the crowds and confusion…This is the right place. On Grace Bay (which is very long) there are many other hotels, some of which exhibit pomp and luxury and which in my opinion should not have been there. Some are under construction, a clear sign that the place has an expanding tourism and resources flow there for the benefits that the local tax regime guarantees.


In my opinion, the Turks and Caicos 2-Bedroom Luxury Villa is in a privileged position, on a less crowded stretch of sea, and integrates very well with the population. Those who have also toured the nearby islands describe them as a paradise, where you can find white and deserted beaches, where you can truly savor the uncontaminated Caribbean. I don’t know for how many more years it will be possible to fully enjoy a place like this, so if you have time, some money, and the desire to take a somewhat long trip, well… Hurry up!

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