Fontainebleau readying $3.7-billion Las Vegas hotel

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Las Vegas

On December 13, a resort in Las Vegas called Fontainebleau Las Vegas, which cost $3.7 billion to build, is scheduled to open on 25 acres near the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip. Jeffrey Soffer, the Chairman and CEO of Fontainebleau Development, began the process that would eventually lead to the construction of the 3,644-room resort in the year 2000 when he purchased the land that would become the site of the resort. The building of the hotel started in 2007, but due to the Great Recession, construction was halted the following year. For a period of twelve years, the structure stood there with only seventy percent of its construction completed, serving as a gigantic steel punchline to jokes about excessive development. Last but not least, a rush of trades immediately before the epidemic renewed interest in the project. In 2021, Soffer and Fontainebleau Development, in cooperation with Koch Real Estate Investments, reacquired the site and immediately moved forward with plans to finish what they had started. Koch Real Estate Investments also participated in the transaction.

According to an exclusive that CNN Travel was able to secure earlier this week, the luxurious suites that are available at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas promise to bring a new level of luxury to the table. These 76 suites, which will be marketed as a group under the name Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis, will be located on the top five levels of the 67-story structure. The suites at Fontainebleau Las Vegas, which is the tallest occupiable building in the state (the Strat Tower is taller, but technically it’s not an occupiable building), will provide commanding views of the Strip and the whole Las Vegas Valley. The Strat Tower is taller, but it’s technically not an occupiable building. Billiards tables, wellness rooms, and Italian linen made to order are a few of the other prominent features that can be found in some of the suites.

Brett Mufson, president of Fontainebleau Development, stated that the Fleur de Lis collection provides a “six-star experience” that is customised to individual preferences, thereby giving each guest the impression that they are staying in their own home away from home. The Fleur de Lis apartments come in sizes ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet, with the penthouse being the most luxurious option at 10,000 square feet. The published rates for a night in a Fleur de Lis suite begin at $5,000, while the published rates for a night in a standard room begin at $300.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas is in the process of reinventing its food and beverage offerings by teaming with Groot Hospitality to bring Miami Beach’s nightclub LIV as well as locally established restaurants Komodo and Papi Steak to the desert in larger proportions that are ideal for Vegas. The resort’s portfolio includes Michelin-starred chefs such as Masa Ito and Kevin Kim, as well as chefs Evan Funke and Alan Yau, as well as restaurateurs David Rodolitz and Alan Yau. When Cantina Contramar opens in 2024, it will be the first time in the United States that three of the most recognised and celebrated women in the Mexican culinary and creative communities will come together under one roof. These women are chef Gabriela Cámara, architect Frida Escobedo, and Bertha González Nieves, who founded Tequila Casa Dragones and was the first maestra tequilera.

The unconventional food and beverage concept is getting a lot of attention, and Al Mancini, the founder of Neon Feast, has said that the Fontainebleau model has the potential to be a “game-changer” for the food scene in the area. The hotel and casino complex will debut in Sin City in the month of December. Other noteworthy features include the 55,000-square-foot Lapis Spa, which was designed by Lissoni & Partners of Milan and was inspired by the Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The spa will feature 44 treatment rooms, a healing infrared sauna, a purifying salt cave, men’s and women’s hydrotherapy lounges, and a co-ed sensory room with communal healing waters. The lighting in the spa is designed to simulate the natural illumination of the surrounding area, shifting in intensity according to the time of day.

Post Malone kicked off the grand launch of the 3,800-seat BleauLive Theatre at Fontainebleau Las Vegas with performances on December 30 and 31, which helped the hotel make headlines for its entertainment reservations. In contrast to the standard practise of Las Vegas resorts, which is to recruit acts to long-term residencies, Fontainebleau is expected to sign other artists to shorter, limited-engagement runs of anything from two to eight shows at a time.

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