The Power of Personal Branding: Building Consistency Across All Touches


Personal Branding

Do you ever wish you could have your own following on a little corner of the internet? Well, this personal branding is all about letting the world know about yourself. A report published on LinkedIn says that as many as 88% of consumers like to watch out for authenticity in branding. What does this mean? Most people who might be hearing your stories only want something they can relate to. 

And what better way of personal branding can there be than telling your own story? Telling your personal story can be a great hook. You might’ve gone through something and shared it, which one of your followers could relate to. Do you know what happened here? You are making a connection with your followers. 

The Impact of Consistency

 It takes time and effort to build a brand image. This can be a challenge for the best of marketers. Like a building constructor laying a foundation, one wrong decision and it all falls down. And the funny part is that you never know what could trigger this chain of events. Just leave it to the gods. Or better still, manage it carefully and you’ll control the damage.

You are particularly vulnerable if you use Instagram or any other visual platform. You are constantly being viewed. Followers can make any comments they want. So watch what they say and how you react to their messages. A single mistake could be your undoing. 

Inspires Your Followers With Trust

It could be a real challenge when you put yourself out on social media. You’ll have to reply to all the follower’s comments and create a rapport with them. You must be truthful and authentic to gain their trust. In time, they’ll start respecting you and treating you like an expert. Your opinions will be valued and respected. You can become a micro-influencer and really get some attention. It will give you more chances of succeeding in a difficult marketplace if you have a troop of devoted followers. 

Helps Attract Better Clients

Do you want to be the coolest kid on the block? Or the best company to work for in your sector? A good reputation takes time to build. And you have to be consistent with your messages and values. If you’re a sports promoter, you’ll attract the best clients when you inspire trust and confidence in them. So, put personal integrity uppermost. Character building is important, whether you’re a business or an individual. And this especially applies to entrepreneurs as they are the face of their businesses. 

A Branding Strategy Gone Wrong

If it’s not broken, there’s no need to fix it. But pressure from competitors can make you commit mistakes. That’s what Coca-Cola did when it trailed behind Pepsi for a short time. Consumers were choosing Pepsi because it was sweeter than Coke. So Coca-Cola changed its recipe and brought in ‘New Coke’ as a new drink. This was a costly mistake. Customers were angry about not having regular Coke available. In the end, Coca-Cola had to admit its mistake. They brought back the original recipe and called it ‘Coke Classic.’ This just tells you that even the best companies can err sometimes. It’s important for a business to listen to its customers. 

Building Consistency Across Touchpoints

You have to be consistent in your branding strategy. Keep in mind which channels you are communicating on. Also, have a good plan for visuals. Message content and how often you connect with users also matter. It’s better to plan everything in advance. 

Select Your Channels

So which channels have you selected? Get a sense of your competitors’ success by using SEO techniques. Then you can adopt the same or play to your own strengths. The areas you’ll look at include email messages, websites, and social media platforms. You’ll be more successful if you connect with customers and followers at the right time and use the correct tone. But always remain true to your values and beliefs. 

Create Good Visuals

You’d be crazy not to admit that social media matters in marketing communication. We react to what we see, so work hard to create and maintain a good visual image. The best brands like Apple and McDonald’s are always looking at how customers react to their ads. Apple has an image of being sleek, stylish, and efficient.  It chose celebrities like the Rock to promote Siri and show how easily it can be used. McDonald’s has been using celebrities like Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey to tell stories about enjoying meals and even creating their own via video. 

Send Clear Messages

How come you like to be around more with some people and less with others? Maybe it’s their positive vibes or the way they talk to us. The words they use have an impact.  So be careful how you communicate with your customers. Learn how to make a signature to make your online messages more professional or use an online signature generator. Use the proper tone and language, because if you don’t they might be offended and react online. 

Imagine Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” without the iconic images of Michael Jordan soaring through the air.  The words alone are powerful, but the pictures add another layer of meaning. They connect the slogan to ideas of action, progress, and achieving goals.

Make Regular Contact With Customers

Do you want to have devoted customers who follow you on social media? You have to interact with them regularly and treat them like friends. By sending regular messages, you’re reminding them you’re there and thinking of them. This builds a stronger connection between your brand and your customers, making them more likely to remember you.

But don’t just send any message. Every communication should be meaningful. This could be sharing valuable content, offering helpful tips related to your product or service, or simply checking in to see how they’re doing. Respond to their questions and comments promptly, showing you care about their feedback.


What do you want people to say and think about you when you’re not around? You’d surely like to send out positive vibes. Building a positive brand image for yourself and your business is needed. After all, you are the face of your business and its brand ambassador. 

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