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Long-range electric bikes have revolutionized the way we approach road trips and outdoor adventures. In this article, we’ll explore the incredible benefits and features of the Tank G100 Long range electric bike, a true game-changer in the world of e-bikes. Additionally, we’ll delve into the safety and joy provided by children’s electric bikes, ensuring a delightful riding experience for the younger generation.


  • Dutch Design Brilliance

The Tank G100 Long Range Electric Bike stands as a testament to Dutch design brilliance and innovation, elevating it beyond the realm of a conventional electric bike. Its exterior, meticulously crafted with Dutch ingenuity, is nothing short of a masterpiece. The unique design not only sets it apart but also boasts a seamless flow, capturing attention and turning heads wherever it goes. This electric bike transcends mere functionality, emerging as a symbol of artistic expression on the road, inviting riders to experience a harmonious blend of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

  • Unmatched Power and Extended Range

The Tank G100 Long Range Electric Bike redefines the concept of power and range with its robust dual battery system, setting it apart in the realm of electric bikes. Bolstered by an impressive 95Nm of torque, this bike ensures that riders have exceptional power literally at their fingertips. What makes it truly remarkable is its ability to cover extensive distances effortlessly. In pedal assist mode, the Tank G100 can cruise for up to 130 miles, making it an ideal companion for long rides through various terrains. Even when opting for full electric mode, the bike doesn’t disappoint, clocking an impressive 70 miles on a single charge. Adding to its versatility, the Tank G100 boasts a remarkable 400lb load capacity, making it suitable for riders of varying sizes and ensuring it can carry the essentials for any journey. This combination of power, range, and load capacity positions the Tank G100 as a formidable choice for those seeking both performance and endurance in an electric bike.

  • Aerodynamic Marvel with Full Suspension

The Tank G100 Long Range Electric Bike introduces an aerodynamic marvel, drawing inspiration from the sleek designs found in the motorcycle industry. This careful craftsmanship is evident in its aerodynamic features, meticulously designed to reduce wind resistance to a minimum. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, this aerodynamic design serves a functional purpose, enhancing the bike’s overall performance. By cutting through the air with efficiency, riders experience less drag, translating to a smoother and more energy-efficient journey.

Moreover, the Tank G100 doesn’t compromise on comfort, especially when traversing diverse terrains. The incorporation of a full suspension system takes cues from the rugged demands of both city streets and mountain paths. This advanced suspension system ensures that the ride remains smooth and comfortable, effectively minimizing the impact of uneven surfaces. Whether cruising through urban landscapes or tackling challenging mountain trails, the Tank G100 guarantees a ride that is not only visually stunning but also consistently pleasant and enjoyable for the rider.

  • Effortless Power to Conquer Every Terrain

The Tank G100 Long Range Electric Bike is not merely a stylish machine; it is a powerhouse designed to conquer diverse terrains effortlessly. Boasting an impressive peak motor power of 2000W, this electric bike offers a thrilling and powerful riding experience. Whether you’re navigating urban streets or venturing onto off-road paths, the Tank G100 delivers a zooming top speed of 28MPH+, ensuring an exhilarating journey for riders seeking a dynamic and fast-paced ride.

The assurance of 95Nm of torque adds another layer of confidence to the rider, enabling the G100 to effortlessly tackle steep slopes and challenging landscapes. This torque ensures that the bike responds promptly to the rider’s commands, providing both power and control in equal measure. Additionally, the Tank G100 is equipped with 4-inch fat tires that offer an unmatched grip on various surfaces. This means superior traction, stability, and the ability to handle different terrains, making it an ideal choice for those who crave an electric bike that can confidently conquer any route with ease.

  • Smart Access with NFC Unlock System

Unlocking the Tank G100 Long Range Electric Bike has been streamlined and simplified, thanks to its cutting-edge smart NFC unlocking technology. This innovative feature transforms the unlocking process into a seamless and convenient experience for riders. By syncing the bike with your smartphone, the Tank G100 takes advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, making your phone essentially the key to unlock this electric marvel.

The process is as straightforward as it is futuristic – a mere tap of your synced phone, and voila! The bike is ready for action. This NFC unlocking system not only enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for traditional keys but also adds an extra layer of security. The syncing capability with both iOS and Android devices ensures compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, making the Tank G100’s unlocking system a versatile and user-friendly feature. In essence, the Tank G100’s NFC unlocking technology seamlessly blends convenience with innovation, providing riders with a hassle-free and futuristic way to embark on their electric biking adventures.

Why we need to buy G100 for our daily use?
Investing in the Tank G100 for daily use is a decision that promises to redefine your entire biking experience. At the forefront is the bike’s Dutch design, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality that transforms it into more than just a mode of transportation. The meticulous craftsmanship and unique exterior not only make it visually appealing but also ensure that you stand out on the road.

Beyond its striking appearance, the Tank G100 is a powerhouse, featuring immense power with its peak motor power of 2000W and 95Nm of torque. This translates to a ride that’s not only thrilling but also capable of conquering diverse terrains effortlessly. The aerodynamic features inspired by the motorcycle industry minimize wind resistance, noise, and vibrations, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable journey whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rugged mountain paths. Add to this the smart NFC unlocking technology, seamlessly integrating with your smartphone to enhance convenience and security. In essence, the Tank G100 encapsulates Dutch innovation, raw power, aerodynamic efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, making it the ultimate choice for riders seeking a game-changing electric bike for their daily adventures.


  • Empowering Joy for Kids

Children electric bike, designed as the ultimate gift for young riders, goes beyond being a mode of transport. It becomes a source of joy that contributes to the development of essential skills. Riding the Pulse 7 helps children build balance and boost their confidence, creating a foundation for a lifetime of cycling enjoyment.

  • Safe Riding for Children

Safety is paramount, and the Tank G50 Children electric bike ensures a secure riding experience for children. The hub brake system provides reliable stopping power, while the bike’s ideal seat height allows kids to use their feet to stop comfortably. Equipped with training wheels, the Tank G50 adds an extra layer of balance and safety, making it an ideal choice for young riders taking their first steps into the world of biking.

  • Motor and Speed Options

Children electric bike features a 300W hub motor that delivers a smooth and reliable power output. With three-speed options and three distinct power modes, children have the freedom to choose their preferred riding style, ensuring a customized and enjoyable experience tailored to their needs and surroundings.

  • Battery & Range for Extended Exploration

Fueled by a Lithium 24V 8AH battery, the Tank G50 allows for extended exploration, covering up to 10 miles on a single charge. This not only provides ample riding time for kids but also instills a sense of adventure and exploration from a young age.

  • Environmental Preservation through Emission-Free Rides

The Tank G50 promotes environmental consciousness by offering emission-free bike rides. Whether kids are exploring cities, suburbs, or hiking trails, they can contribute to a greener planet while enjoying the thrill of riding.

  • The Tank G50: A Gateway to Riding Joy for Kids

Specifically designed for children, the Tank G50 serves as a gateway to the joy of riding in a safe and controlled environment. With a dependable brake system and multiple speed modes, it ensures that every ride is a delightful adventure for young cyclists.

  • Safety First with the Pulse 7 Electric Bike

Safety remains a top priority with the Pulse 7 Electric Bike. Featuring a hub brake for reliable stopping, an ideal seat height, and training wheels, it offers a secure and stable platform for children to learn, grow, and enjoy the pleasures of electric biking.


Long-range electric bikes like the Tank G100 and children’s e-bikes such as the Tank G50 and Pulse 7 Children electric bike are not just modes of transportation; they’re gateways to joy, exploration, and sustainability. Embrace the future of biking with these innovative electric bikes that cater to both the adventurous adult and the budding young rider.

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