Navigating the Decision: Is a Vasectomy Right for You?



A vasectomy is a surgical procedure where the vas deferens tube is not only cut but sealed. This tube is what carries your sperm and releases it during ejaculation. Sealing this tube prevents your body from expelling sperm, stopping pregnancy from occurring. If you have considered this procedure, you likely have investigated many factors, including vasectomy cost AZ.

Why Should You Consider a Vasectomy?

If you have started considering a vasectomy, you likely do not want children. You may have children already and not want any more, or you may not want children at this time in your life. Having sex without a condom may be appealing to you. However, a vasectomy only prevents pregnancy. It does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Your partner may have difficulty during pregnancy, or it may be dangerous for her to have children. The hormones in birth control may also have negative impacts on her. You may have other reasons for not wanting children, including genetic conditions you don’t your children to have, that could influence your decision to get a vasectomy.

Benefits of Having a Vasectomy

As you start searching for physicians that offer vasectomy Mesa AZ, you should understand the benefits.

Safe, Highly Effective Birth Control

After a vasectomy, you reduce your risk of having children by more than 99%. Studies show that of 1,000 women, only one to two will get pregnant after having sex with a man who has undergone a vasectomy. In addition, a vasectomy is the safest sterilization option.

However, your vas deferens may have sperm remaining in the tube, so you may need up to three months before you are fully sterile. You will need to use contraception during this period to prevent pregnancy.

Significantly Reduced Cost

A tubal ligation, which sterilizes a woman, costs up to $8,000 or more, while a vasectomy should cost approximately $1,000. This is a significant reduction in cost for sterilization in a couple. This is because tubal ligation is a major surgery. It also has a much longer recovery period and greater risks than a vasectomy.

Few Side Effects

After you get out of surgery, you will likely experience swelling and mild pain. You may also have blood in your semen. Your scrotum could experience internal bleeding or bruising. Also, although it is uncommon, you may experience infection at the incision site. Your scrotum could also swell or develop a cyst or fluid-filled sack due to leaking sperm from the severed tube. Few men, one to two percent, experience chronic discomfort or pain.


If you decide later in your life that you want children, you can reverse your vasectomy. The procedure is quick and inexpensive. However, the longer you wait, the less likely the reversal will be successful.

Fast Recovery

You can recover from a vasectomy relatively quickly. A few days later, you can return to work and most of your normal activities. You can have sex and do heavy lifting after about a week or so.

As you consider a vasectomy Phoenix, contact a clinic and get all your questions answered.

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